3 Easy Ways
To Beat
A Low Price
by Kevin Stirtz

Word of Mouth

by Ivan Misner

How to Close A Deal
In 7 Seconds
by Lydia Ramsey

Affordable Green
by Dan Phillips

Build Your
Mailing List
by Gail Goodman

How To Start A
Knitting Business
by Lydia Sokol

Things To Avoid
in Business
by Tony Delano


Choosing The Right
Paint Contractor

Before You Build
Your Home

Clay Tile Roof
Decorative Tiles

Being Organized
In Business

Removing Carpet

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Only at Quality Professional every week homeowners are entering a chance to win a FREE cash prizes and gift cards! Here everybody wins, check it out!
    Best Article Contest!  We are inviting all home improvement contractors, business owners, home owners and freelance writers to send us an article, business story or anything they would like to share with our audience. You may write from your own experience or you may share your thoughts and predictions on future of economy, home improvement industry, etc. There is no limitation on a subject but it should be a business or economy related story. It may be a "know-how" advice from experienced business owner related to a field of their expertise. Most of the articles and expert tips sent to us will be accessible directly from our homepage and will serve all our visitors. The contest will end when we collect a reasonable amount of quality articles. We will inform you about the deadline on this page at a later time.

    Best "DIY" Tip Contest!  You can also share a short tips on home improvement projects. Things that may prevent us from repeating common mistakes, save us time and trouble. Ideas how to protect our house from damages or what little home improvements we can do ourselves before we call emergency service. In other words anything that may make our life easier and safer.

    Prizes!  - 5 authors of best articles, and 5 authors of "best tip" contest will win one of our prizes. There is no deadline! Once we collect 100 articles and 100 tips this contest will be over. We will be updating the information on our website and you will be informed about the progress and an actual deadline as well as time of the drawing. All authors will have their articles and names posted on our website.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Article should be home improvement or business related. It may be a real life story or your opinion on a business related subject. It may be funny or it may be serious. You're welcome to use something you've wrote in the past.

2. All sponsored content, articles promoting your business, praising your product or service, articles with links to various websites - follow under "Sponsored Articles" section. Exception here may be linking to a strictly informative web site, dictionary or encyclopedias.

3. Article must be written by you. Please keep in mind, that using somebody else's article will disqualify you from the contest.

4. Article must contain no more then 5000 characters, and DIY tip can't be longer than 1500 characters
(for your convenience we've placed a character counter at the bottom of this page).

5. A value of a content, style and usefulness to our audience will decide if author will win a prize.

6. By sending any materials to us you give us a right to publish them on our network, include them in our newsletter and possibly in some printed publications. All articles sent to us together with some additional materials, like photos may be displayed on our website. We reserve a right to decide not to display a content that may be harmful to our readers.


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