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Removing the Fog
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by Daniel W. Aston

Build Your
Mailing List
by Gail Goodman

Motivate Your Kids
To Help You Keep
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by Laverne Herrera-Hay



































if you are a building materials supplier in Ohio - LIST YOUR BUSINESS!

All members who sign up first* will become happy winners!

* Our low introductory price of $50/year will be locked for a lifetime for 2000
members who sign up first  (40 members in 50 states = 2000 listings)
- that means just 1 business per category/profession.
** Please be advised that some applications may be denied
if not meeting our criteria.


Criteria (please read this before signing up):
1. You need to be in the business (your main trade) for at least 5 years
2. You need to be licensed (certified where applicable) and insured contractor
3. Provide us with accurate and true information about your business
4. Have a business website and logo or be willing to order them in a period of 3 months
from a date of becoming our member. You either let us design them for you or find
someone else to do the work. 

Why is this important?
It's because we want to provide our visitors (your potential clients) with
as much information as possible about your business and we want make
their visit pleasant and rewarding. After all those 2 products well designed will
boost your sales and make you look more professional.

5. Love your work, pursue to provide high quality services and provide us with
true references (be advised that we may check them and call some of your clients
before we decide to accept your application and promote your business)


Benefits? (please read this before signing up):
1. Initially only 1 business
(read "yours") per profession in your town will be listed. Eventually we will have to increase this number but it will never be more than 3 businesses per trade from one area (we are not looking for quantity but quality!
2. Your business will have a tremendous exposure when listed on our Network
putting you a step or two ahead your competitors!
3. All leads generated thru a network of our websites will be passed to our members for FREE! We don't like selling leads and we don't like companies who sell them, especially if they sell them 10 times and don't care if the leads are couple  months old.
We will send fresh leads to 3 the nearest businesses listed in our system.
4. We can provide personalized marketing packages to meet your needs.
5. Information about all our new members will be distributed periodically in a form of a Newsletter to your local businesses and homeowners.
6. We will provide design and marketing support to our members who don't
have a well working marketing strategy in place.

And finally,

7. We provide a quality listing (all information, references, links etc. are checked for accuracy,
we strive to provide a quality content and easy to navigate website)
and we do it all at a very reasonable price. 

  We offer 60 days money back guarantee!
To cancel anytime call us at 1-(877)-290-7298
or locally if in Colorado Springs at (719)-290-7298
no question asked, no gimmicks, no strings attached.
Just leave your name, business name and phone number.

Now you are free to SIGN UP
(just fill as much as you can, thank you!)

* Business Name:
* Business Address:
* City, State, ZIP:
* Owner's First Name:
* Owner's Last Name:
* Business Phone: (area code first)   -
* Business Fax: (area code first)   -
* Owner's Cell Phone: (area code first)   -
* Owner's E-mail:
* Alternative Contact Person:
* Alternative Phone or E-mail:
* Business Web Site:
* Years in Business:
* Number of Employees:
* Do You Have a Valid Business License? #
* Do You Have a Insurance? #

* Provide Us With Some References (please, try to be specific) :

* How Did You Find Quality Professional?
* Do You Have a Promotional Code? #

* Describe all services that you provide:

* Area that you cover?(Towns or ZIP codes)

Terms and Conditions
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following terms and conditions:

The Quality Professional Network shall have no liability with regard to any services or products provided by any vendor/benefit provider. You agree that any claim with regard to any services shall be made against the vendor of such services and not The Quality Professional Network.

The Quality Professional Network's sole obligation hereunder shall be to allow access to the vendor/benefit provider. All benefit/product providers are independent companies and are not agents of The Quality Professional Network.

All benefits/products are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers. The Quality Professional Network does not have the authority to alter those terms.

The Quality Professional Network is not responsible for personal injuries, loss or damage of property, inconvenience or expense resulting from matters beyond its control, government actions, strikes, theft, and changes in benefit or product offerings, or acts of God.

The Quality Professional Network may, in its sole judgment, make any changes and cancellations to any benefits that it controls and believes necessary. Individual benefit programs and products within The Quality Professional Network program may be subject to separate terms and conditions and may be altered or substituted with products or services of equal or better value.

The user agrees that the use of the site is undertaken at their own risk. No warranties are made by The Quality Professional Network, its subsidiaries, its affiliate companies, partners, agents, or any of its employees or officers that the site or services will operate error-free or without interruption.

No warranties are made as to the accuracy of the information on the site. No information, obtained by you from this site shall create any warranty, nor shall it be considered binding language, unless it is expressly stated in an agreement generated and dated by The Quality Professional Network.



This policy covers any advertisement, web site, email, newsgroup posting or other communication transmitted in any form, collectively referred hereafter as "communications". You may not communicate in any form that may be deemed spam by any one receiving such communication. You may not misrepresent The Quality Professional Network as a get rich quick scheme or by any other means then an advertising program or business opportunity.



Every new member must check off and agree to this policy prior to submitting their application as an active or free member.

We will aggressively follow up on each report of suspected Spam Abuse

I have read, and agree to the terms and conditions.


* Quality Professional is dedicated to ensuring the privacy of everyone's information.
We will NEVER send unsolicited emails or share your email address with a third-party.
For more information on Quality Professional privacy policy and practices click here.

* to cancel your membership anytime
call us at 1(719) 290-7298
and you will receive your money back if canceled within 60 days.
Just give us a try


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