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 ... Frequently Asked Questions .....  

Only at Quality Professional every week homeowners are entering a chance to win a FREE cash prizes and gift cards! Here everybody wins, check it out!

Why some advertisers are having free ads while others have to pay?
We have created a system that works for those who have a heart to serve others and for those who won't hesitate to become our first members. For those who "dare" to sign up first we have reserved over 2000 of FREE LIFETIME memberships nationwide.
 All free advertising options available at this moment are described below:
1.       Become one of our experts and once in a while answer our visitors' questions related to a field of your expertise. All Experts can advertise their businesses for FREE.  Click here to sign up as our Expert.

2.     Send us an business or economy related article (written by you!) and win our "Best Article Contest".
10 authors will be rewarded with LIFETIME FREE business listings. 
Click here to post an article.

3.     Send us a "how-to" home improvement tip(s) and win our "Best Tip Contest". 10 authors will be rewarded with LIFETIME FREE business listings.  Click here to post your home improvement related "how-to" tip.
4.       Sign up to FIRST under your category and pay only first year fee, and you get a FREE LIFETIME(!) membership after that!
5.       Sign up second or third under your category, pay only first year fee, and you get 3 NEXT YEARS(!)
of FREE membership after that!
6.       Refer other professionals to our web site. If 2 of them sign up as paid members, your next year membership will be FREE! If 4 of them sign up – your next 2 years will be FREE!
7.       Sign up, and have your ad displayed for 2 months, then cancel your membership. You have 2 months of advertising for FREE! We will return your money back, with no questions asked. But if you do that, remember that once 3 of your close competitors from your town sign up, your return will not be accepted.  You may have to wait till one of them will cancel his/her membership.
8.       If you won't take advantage of any of the above options and still want to become our member, you will pay roughly 10% of what you would pay to be listed on (or close to what you would pay other companies for just one lead – many times "misleading" lead anyway). We decided to keep our prices low and a quality of our service high.
Why do you need new experts to answer homeowners questions? Don’t you have your own experienced staff?
Yes, we do have experienced staff but we can answer only so many question and we would rather spend our time advertising our members' businesses which is our first goal. Also, our service would be very limited since we are not experts in all of home improvement areas. We've opened this option for all other professionals nationwide, to share their knowledge with homeowners looking for help. For all experts' voluntary help we offer a free advertising on our pages (that includes a free business listing under a chosen category, logo, as well as a business contact information on our 'Ask Our Experts' page). In turn we expect  a professional, timely responses to all posted questions. If you feel comfortable answering people's questions related to your professional field and would be able to sacrifice a few minutes once in a while (maybe couple times a month) we encourage you to post your profile and become one of our experts. All experts' answers (and/or overall performance) may be rated by people asking questions.

I see that most (if not all) of those who signed up before me have a nice web site and a logo.
What's up with that? I don't have any of that done for my business yet.
We at Quality Professional want to present our members in the best possible way (and this in our opinion includes a visible presentation as well). For those who never had a web site or logo designed for their businesses for any reasons, we came up with a simple solutions. To all our members we offer very discounted design services and have graphic designers on our stuff ready to help at any time.
Do I really need a logo?
We simply want to help you if you never had one designed for your business. It's easy and inexpensive at Quality Professional. You will be surprised how much easier it will be to promote your business having a professionally designed logo. Our designers will make sure that it will work very well on any sign, business cards, letterheads as well as on embroidery, T -shirts as well as on all kinds of promotional gadgets (if you ever decide to order some), and of course on your web site. Well designed logo should be easy recognizable to all your customers and the more you use it more potential clients will remember you. Not to mention that you will be seen as business owner who cares about his/her image. It simply builds your prestige over the years. If you still don't have one you should order it ASAP. You will be contacted by one of our designers within first 6 months of your membership who will remind you about the significance of having it done. At Quality Professional we care about ours and yours business image as well as about a look of our web site and your listing.
Do I need to order a logo and/or web site from you or can I order it from a designer of my choice?
You can order it anywhere you wish or design it yourself if you can. We just want to make the process easier for you.  This is why we have everything in place just in case you need it. We offer high value products at a very low prices.  You will be offered to have a logo designed during your first 6 months of membership and have at least (the simplest) web site designed for you during your 1st year of membership.
Are there any other hidden costs or catches to be a member?
No. None that we know about. We won't sell you anything and we won't share your information provided to us with anybody except where it may bring you more business. If you need tools or some building materials, books or magazines you may simply check our store if there is anything that you may need.  You may also visit our "Designs 4 Contractors" center at any time. We offer, logos, web sites, graphic ads, flyer designs, T-shirt designs and even signs and banners for your business).
What are other benefits of becoming a member?
There are quite few to be honest:
     1.       If a visitor to our web site posts a job or asks for an estimate you will have a lead forwarded
            immediately to you (thru email, phone or fax – according to your preferences). The lead will be
            forwarded only to 1-3 professionals in your town. The information will not be used in any other
            way, it won't neither be sold to anybody nor forwarded to anybody else.
            There is also no limit how many leads you may receive during your membership.
2.       We display your listing in an easy to find way. Other similar companies are making their money mostly from selling individual leads and that's why it's not in their interest to make your listing easily accessible to all web site visitors, or many times they don't display their members listings at all.
3.       We will never accept more than 3 professionals per trade in town. This should limit your competition (at least they will not be allowed on our network).
4.       All of our members will have a chance to display their ads (photos of their projects) with a link to their businesses on our homepage as well as on all individual state homepages for free (included in membership).  We reserve a right to select "projects of a week" or "members of a week" out of all material received from our members. Ads will be changing every week.
5.       If you write and sent to us an article or a "how-to" tip it may be displayed on our homepage and in our Library, together with your name and photo (if you wish).
6.       All materials provided to us by you may be presented in your Newsletter which will be distributed to your local homeowners once a month. All new members will be included in each Newsletter.
7.       We own other web sites on which all our members will be listed. We will also inform all our members about new home improvement related web sites that we will be launching in next months. On all of them our members' links will be automatically added.
8.       We will be encouraging all visitors to our web site to hire our members. We will use our Rewarding System and send them gift cards and weekly cash prizes as a "Thank You" for hiring you. This should give our service a lot of word of mouth marketing after a while and hopefully more jobs to you!
9.       Occasionally we may reward our members for keeping up a good work. We may have another "FREE Year Membership" drawing for our members.
10.    Quality Professional team hopes to help build prestige of your business and promise to present your services in a professional manner.
Can I cancel my membership anytime?
1.       Yes. You can cancel anytime. Just send us an email or give us a call. But remember that our money back guarantee expires after 60 days.  If you decide to cancel your membership,  please, remember that once 3 of your close competitors from your town sign up, your return will not be accepted.  You may have to wait till one of them will cancel his/her membership.
Can I lose my membership because somebody posted a negative review about my service?
It depends. If we receive a very negative feedback from your client (over the phone) we will do the best to investigate and find out what have caused the problem and try to solve it. If we received another very negative feedback within 1 year we may decide to terminate your membership. But please, understand that we are not BBB and we can help to solve a problem only to a certain extend. Although we strive to do our best when pre-selecting and approving our new members we don't take responsibility for their work or loses that may occur at a job site. Our ratings system should serve all visitors to our web site as a helpful point of reference when making decision about hiring a contractor.
Can I sell your services and products?
Occasionally we may offer part time positions for all those interested in referring our services to professionals.  Check our "Business Opportunities" in the footer or the "News" tab for any updates.
Can I refer my friend who lives in other State?

YES, you can refer all good and recommended Professionals from anywhere in the US. You can recommend your uncle who is a good plumber in your town, your mother who is a CPA or a friend from another state who is a CEO of mid-size company. Basically, you can refer anybody but we prefer that this would be a person/business you or people you know can say something good about. And again, if any of your referrals will sign up (using your name as a referrer) it will work towards your free membership. Or, if we decide to start a "credit points system" one day, you will be able to use those credits when ordering a web site, logo or other available products.

What else should I know?
We will contact all our members at least 1 month before their annual membership is about to expire and will ask them if they would like to stay with us for another year. The reason for that is also to hear our members' opinion on our performance, and to find out how can we serve them better in the future.



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