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The Beauty Of Wood Siding

The Beauty of Wood Siding

The classic and elegant look of wood siding will never go out of style, and that's why a lot of people still prefer to use it on their homes. Whether the theme of your house is modern or antique, wood will always have a place in your interior and exterior due to its versatile design and various choices. Yet with lots of other, cheaper alternatives out there, is it really still worth it? Below are some pros and cons of using wood siding for your home.

Wood is very durable and will definitely last a long time. Trees are always exposed to the elements, and they often withstand even the worst tantrums of nature. Wood siding, if cared for, can last hundreds of years.

Style Choice
Using wood siding also gives you many options in terms of choice of style. For example, you can line the pieces up horizontally, vertically or overlapping. You can choose whether to use logs, clapboards or cedar shake sidings.

Natural Materials
Natural wood (not treated by preservatives) is more environment-friendly than prefabricated and synthetic materials. The production and processing of wood siding is also more eco-friendly, which means that manufacturing it does not contribute too much to environmental contamination in comparison to the production of these other materials.

Wood, unlike other materials used for houses, needs to be taken care of. Yes, it is definitely durable, but you must still take proper care if you plan to use wood siding for your home. It has to be painted every 2 years or so to keep it looking new and maintain its durability. Note, however, that certain paints can be toxic to the wood, so be very careful about what paint you use. Be sure that it is as natural as possible and does not contain unnecessary harmful chemicals.

Since wood can rot over time, it has to be treated every so often in order to stay healthy. Treating the wood will give it a good seal and will prevent moisture from penetrating the core. This treatment, however, can be quite costly if you need professionals to do this for you.

Another problem with wood is that it can be targeted by termites. You have to conduct regular maintenance and monitoring. Certain chemicals, although not environmentally friendly, will protect the wood from insects and pests.


If you have a wood siding related problem or question don't hesitate to give us a call at  MGS Renovations 719.286.0994

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