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 Beautify Your Bathroom   
 NKBA - National Kitchen & Bath Association.

y Dorothy Evans

  Bathroom by Dream Maker - Kitchen & Bath;  Colorado Springs, CO.  Ph. (719)-636-2444

Beautiful kitchens and updated baths can transform you home into a haven offering luxury and entertainment. Updated master baths offer luxury and serenity. Let DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen build your family the retreat you deserve.

For more information please visit our website at


Our homes are our castles -- they're where we live, work and play, raise our family and create lasting memories. We spend a lot of time in them and we're always looking to make them the ideal environment for our family.

As often as it's used, one room that can often get over-looked when beautifying our homes is the bathroom. Bathrooms are one of the hardest areas in a house to design due to its limited space, especially since you have to plan for areas where you will place the sink, bathtub, toilet, and so on.  Because of this, some homeowners are having a hard time creating a comfortable bathroom, especially if the space is small.  But small-spaced bathrooms need not be a hindrance to having a comfortable and well-lighted bathroom.

Here are some bathroom decorating ideas that you can try out to maximize your bathroom space.

Bathroom Mirrors
Using adequate mirrors can do wonders for your bathroom, so choose mirrors that will not take up too much space and not compromise the design of your bathroom.  One bathroom decorating idea that you can use is to place the mirror on an angle since it creates the illusion of enlarging your bathroom.  This will also bounce the light off, so your bathroom will be well lit.

Bathroom Storage Spaces
Another bright idea is to make use of the walls of your bathroom for storage spaces.  You can install a wall-mounted cabinet where you can place your bathroom necessities like shampoo, toothpaste, shaving gel, etc.  Wall cabinets not only give you more space, but it doesn't obstruct your movements, too. Some homeowners even install cabinets that fit in the small corners of the bathroom, which can also serve as a storage space.  This is also a great place where all of the bathroom essentials are placed.

Bathroom Rods
Rods can also be placed near the shower or bathtub to save space.  You can use these rods to hang your towels or face and hand towels, so you can always have them on hand.

Bathroom Sinks
The way the sinks are installed can either take up too much space or save you some space.  To save on bathroom space, especially if you lack some storage area, you can have the sink installed along the wall and have cabinets installed underneath it to give you the storage place that you need.

Bathroom Paint Color
The paint color can also do a lot for your bathroom.  Light paint colors are perfect for small bathrooms, making them appear bigger than they actually are.  However, if you want a cozy bathroom, you can have your bathroom painted with earth-toned colors.  Just make sure though that you have ample lighting to give you that much needed light in the bathroom.

Remember that your bathroom is also a place where you can relax, so make sure that your bathroom is comfortable and well-lighted, so you will always have a sense of peace, comfort, and safety while using it.



Today, homes that have more than one bathroom sell faster and fetch a higher price. A mid-range bathroom remodel (less than $10,000) placed third in the 2004 survey with a ROI of 90.1 percent. Popular renovations include skylights, couples walk-in showers, glass block windows and vaulted ceilings. Raised Jacuzzi tubs, ceramic tile floors and ceiling fans have become standard features in affordably priced new homes.

Remodeling the bathroom is a great way to add value to your home, as well increase your family's enjoyment of one of the most used rooms in the house. If you're like most homeowners, however, just the thought of remodeling the bathroom leaves you feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

Maybe you are undecided if would like to only do part of a bathroom remodel project, maybe some yourself, are looking to do a facelift, or a whole makeover. As with any remodeling project you will want to assess your own abilities, priorities and budget before making your final decision. Bathroom additions ranked high in the survey as well. A midrange addition (approximately $20,000) returned 86.4 percent; an upscale addition ($40,000-plus) fetched an 80.1-percent return. But finding space to add a bathroom can prove tricky; for best results, consider a contractor.

Many experts say you can't lose by adding a bathroom. In fact if money's tight, just replacing the water fixtures often helps. Following are some bathroom remodeling ideas for the full bath (master bathroom) and the half bath.

Bathroom Remodel Tip #1: Need More Space
If space is an issue in your master bathroom, consider expanding it in any direction possible. Extra square footage will open up your cramped bathroom and increase the possibilities. Taking out a wall and replacing it with a window allows natural light in the bathroom and creates a more open feel. Choosing the right window treatment is important since you want sunlight to come in but at the same time you'll need something that gives you privacy.

Bathroom Remodel Tip #2: How About New Flooring
Ceramic tile is a rich choice for bathroom flooring. Using a natural tone such as ivory or taupe will keep the bathroom light. If you think ceramic tile will be too cold to walk on in the winter, radiant floor heating provides heat from below your floor, keeping your tiles, feet and the rest of your room very warm. If installing a new heating system isn't within your budget, strategically place throw rugs in the areas where most needed.

Bathroom Remodel Tip #3: Hardware is Key
One of the big design elements in the bathroom is the hardware. Faucets and spigots, in addition to tubs and toilets are made in a variety of shapes and materials which can be the centerpiece of your design. Open showers are currently popular with the younger upwardly- mobile crowd, and claw-foot bathtubs are almost always considered to be classic and attractive. When selecting hardware and figuring out a floor plan, think about privacy issues and don't put the toilet and tub too close together.


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