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The Importance of Professional Prep Work
Choosing the Right
Color Scheme

Affordable Luxury
Common Mistakes
Practical Tips

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The Importance of Professional Prep Work
Choosing the Right
Color Scheme

Common Mistakes

Practical Tips

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BLUE SKY Plumbing & Heating
Ph: (303)-421-2161      4765 Independence Street, Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033    
You may see our trucks around the Metro area as we serve seven counties along the Front Range. We service residential and commercial properties. General contractors, HOA's, municipalities, and non profit organizations trust us to be available to meet their needs. Our friendly, well trained, staff is eager to be at your service.
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How to Articles - that contain professional advice and tips for your complete convenience:

  • Plumbing product and qualification standards: Learn about The american Society of Sanitary Engineering that provides product and professional qualification standards which encompass all aspects of the plumbing industry
  • Case Study: The debate between Joe the Plumber and Barack Obamah on October 12th, 2008 turned publicity efforts required to promote immeasurably bigger from those taken into account in the preliminary planning of the site's development. Find out why.
  • Pipe-Cleaning: One common plumbing task is clearing pipes. Sediment tends to clog pipes over the years. Find out how to clean a pipe without a plumber.
  • Prevent Pipe Burst: Burst pipe are money and water wasters. Learn how to prevent and stay one step ahead of a burst pipe emergency.
  • Common Plumbing Defects: Buying a home is a lifetime investment. Find out how to detect major plumbing problems before buying a house.
  • High Water Bills: High water bills indicate water leaks. In most cases a faulty toilet is responsible for the excessive water usage. Learn how to perform the dye test to rule out or affirm a leaking toilet.
  • Plumbing History: Plumbers and sewer systems were not always around. Find out how plumbing systems became a compulsory feature in each and every home.
  • Low Flush: A toilet can waste gallons of water on each flush. Find out how to convert any toilet to a low flush and by that reduce your water bill and save on scarce water in general.
  • Estimates: Find out how free plumbing estimates help you pick the best plumber for your plumbing requirement and budget.
  • How a Toilet Works: Find out how a toilet works to siphon waste out of the bowl down the sewer pipe.
  • Water Conservation: Learn how to conserve water in the home and save on water utility bills.
  • Winter Plumbing Problems: Learn how to avoid freezing pipes, cold shower, sewage backups, and other plumbing problems this winter.
  • Water Heater Leaks: Learn how plumbers detect and diagnose dripping water heaters due to condensation from problematic leaky water heaters.
  • Garbage Disposal: Learn how to maintain your garbage disposal clog free this Christmas 2009.
  • GPM Rate: Learn how to calculate the flow rate in GPM of your shower or faucet to cut down water wastage and save on your water bills.
  • Tankless Water Heater: How a tankless water heater works and its benefits over conventional tank water heaters.
  • Call A Plumber: To call or not call a plumber, that is the question. Plumbing problems are best left to plumbers with professional equipment and years of experience to provide efficient solutions. Nevertheless, it's always good to know when to call a plumber to the fix.
  • Plastic Pipes: Find out why plastic plumbing pipes are clear winners for home use.
  • Plumbing Maintenance: Find out how to check your plumbing for working order with a detailed plumbing maintenance checklist.
  • Plumbing Services: Find out why plumbing services are important and essential to keep plumbing systems working smoothly.
  • Plumbing Advertising: Find out how to market your plumbing business and achieve significant online plumbing exposure.
  • Tipping plumbers: While tipping a plumber is not mandatory, there is no harm in giving a tip for a job well done or reporting the plumber's professional service.
  • Plumbing Career: Find out what are the various skills and qualifications required for joining the plumbing profession. Choosing plumbing as a career can be highly rewarding.
  • Plumber Fittings: Used for redirecting water flow, plumber fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find out more about the types of fittings and their functions.
  • Detecting water leaks: Water leaks mean an excessive waste of water and money. Find out how to detect residential water leaks and nip them in the bud.
  • Plumbers' Salary: Plumbers' yearly salary is based on their experience and qualifications. While some plumbers charge more than others, it is always best to hire a professional.
  • Avoiding Winter Plumbing Emergencies: To avoid the unpleasantness of plumbing emergencies, contact an expert plumber to regularly maintain your residential plumbing system.
  • Avoiding Plumbing Scams: Plumbing services are not devoid of scams. Find out how you can minimize scam risks before hiring a plumber.
  • Repairing a Drain Trap: Find out how to repair a broken or clogged drain trap. Professional plumbers can help you overcome any problems in this important plumbing fixture.
  • Plumbing Hazards: A plumber's work involves many risks and hazards. Find out what these dangers are and what plumbers can do to avoid them.
  • The Plumbing Inspector's Job: Renovating your house? Building a new home? Your plumbing system will have to be checked and approved by the plumbing inspector. Find out why.
  • Differences Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing: Find out about the differences in commercial and residential plumbing problems. Professional plumbers tackle both types of plumbing challenges.
  • Summer Plumbing Problems: Find out about typical summer plumbing problems. Professional plumbers can help you enjoy the long summer months by fixing any problem.
  • Avoiding Mildew Problems: Mildew is a hazardous growth which can be detrimental to your home. Your expert local plumbers can give you helpful tips for eliminating the problem.
  • Septic Tank Leaks: Find out how to detect a leak in your septic tank. To repair the problem, ask for the help of professional plumbers.
  • How to Remove Air from Water Pipes: Want to find out how to make sure your water pipes are not air-locked? Professional plumbers can give you useful tips on how to solve this problem.
  • Outdoor Plumbing Problems: Find out about typical outdoor plumbing problems. Regular check-ups of your outdoor plumbing by professional plumbers can prevent problems.
  • Installing Office Water Coolers: Planning to install an office water cooler? First consider certain important factors like plumbing fixtures, location, mandatory features and your budget.
  • Replacing Garbage Disposals: Is your garbage disposal making too much noise? Just replace it with a new one. For safety purposes ask for the help of professional plumbers.
  • Shower Diverter Problems: Any problems with your shower diverter? Find the cause of the problem and ask a professional plumber to handle the situation.
  • Victorian Style Faucets: Craving for that romantic theme for your kitchen, a Victorian style faucet perhaps? Ask your local plumbers to help you install it.
  • Choosing the Perfect Stainless Steel Sink: Planning on installing a new stainless sink in your kitchen? Consult professional plumbers for advice and installation help.
  • Outdoor Shower Enclosures: Having an outdoor shower in the garden is definitely in style. Contact your local plumber now to help you set it up.



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