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The Importance of Professional Prep Work
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How To Start A Knitting Business

by Lydia Sokol

Lydia Sokol writes articles on home based craft businesses. She teaches, knits and writes.




Would you like to start a knitting business and make money from your obsession? It just might keep you in yarn! If you'd like to try knitting for profit, there are many possibilities so I've gathered some resources to guide you in creating a knitting business using your unique skills and interests.

Plan Your Knitting Business by Assessing:

1. Knitting skills - Can you make just about any pattern or do you have a favorite scarf or hat that's pretty basic? Can you knit quickly? If you're going to sell items you knit, you should be able to produce in quantities. Can you teach knitting or design your own patterns?

2. Knitting interests - Would you rather knit and produce items to sell or would you rather have a knitting business which involves teaching knitting, writing about knitting or designing patterns. It's important that you love what you do!

3. Find a Knitting Niche market - Rather than trying to be all things to all people, it's easier to make a profit if you cater to one niche, or group of people, and be specific. Would you like to make hypoallergenic baby items? Maybe you love shawls or you'd like to use only hand painted, hand dyed yarns. Perhaps you can spin and sell or use your own yarn for knitted pieces.

4. Research your market - Who is your competition and how do they manage their business. Try to find a knitting business niche that is popular but where the competition is less.

5. Decide on your niche, set up a plan and choose your goals - How much money would you ideally like to make from knitting? Just enough to pay for your personal yarn stash or would you like to make enough to pay the household bills? It's important to know just what purpose your knitting business will serve in your life.

Resources for your knitting business

If you would like to make and sell your own knitted pieces, you don't even need your own website. You can create your own online store at or They give you the template and guide you through the process. You can also sell original patterns or handmade yarn on these online stores but everything must be handmade.

How to Create an Etsy Store to sell your knitting online

How to Create An Artfire Store to make money knitting. and are very popular with those who like hand crafted items and these are probably your best bet to begin making money with your knitting. Keep in mind that it's a good idea to have a dozen or so knitted items to begin setting up your store. Photography skills are helpful too as you want photos to post with your pieces.

There is a small charge to list items and a small fee when your item sells.

Other ways to sell your knitting might be craft fairs or consignment stores specializing in handcrafted items.

Other Types of Knitting Businesses

Write about Knitting

Perhaps you don't want to get into production knitting but would still like to make money from knitting. One way is to create a knitting blog and put some affiliate ads on it. You can recommend knitting books and products through the affiliate program or a google adsense account, or find your own companies to represent.

If you'd like to make big money through your blogging efforts and would like a program to help you do this, I recommend creating a knitting blog to make money knitting with The Niche Blogger. The Niche Blogger is a subscription site so you can set up your blog, or blogs, and then cancel anytime. The Niche Blogger takes you from step one, day one, through the entire process of creating a self-hosted wordpress blog. A blog like this will only cost you about $10 a year to keep online.

I had no clue about blogging for profit and now I have 4 money making blogs on different topics, all created with the help of the Niche Blogger program. It takes about 3 months of the subscription to get several blogs online and then you can either cancel or move on to other ways of making money online through ebooks or other marketing techniques.

The Niche Blogger can help you choose a knitting niche topic as well that is most likely to be profitable.

Write an knitting ebook

If you have any knitting expertise or patterns to share, you could also write a knitting ebook and sell it online. The Niche Blogger program does into exactly how to create an ebook and market it, I think around month 4-5 of the program.

Create a Knitting Business by Teaching Knitting Classes

If you'd like to teach knitting, contact your local craft store, like Michaels or Joanns, or your local yarn store. Find out if they have a need for a knitting teacher or there is a special technique that they don't currently offer, that you could teach.

You can also create knitting podcasts and teach online (again, this is covered in The Niche Blogger Program)

There are many reasons to set up a knitting business. Perhaps you're a stay at home mom and need extra income or you'd love to make your living as a fiber artist. These tips will help you decide just how to create your very own knitting business.

Other Resources for starting a craft business

Liz Raad has written a terrific ebook on Knitting for Profit. Liz also has a helpful newsletter for those wanting to learn how to make a living from knitting and sign up is free.




Lydia makes beautiful capes - for more information visit



Profitable Hobbies

"Earn extra money at home"

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Yes knitting and crochet can turn into profitable hobbies if you have the correct information. "Knitting for profit" is an exciting new book that shows Step-by-step How To Make Money FromKnitting Or Crochet.

Great For Home-based Business And Work-at-home Moms, And Learning How To Turn A Hobby Into Real Cash Income!

Start a SUCCESSFUL knitting or crochet business.

Make money from your knitting even if you have no idea what to sell.

Make money from your knitting without having knitted products of your own.

Make money from your knitting without making very expensive mistakes and wasting time.



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Enchanted Basements by

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