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Why you should not buy leads
The # 1 internet marketing scam is to sell you leads.

y Darek Sokol


 Showplace Cabinets
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OK, here's a typical scenario:
You, a business owner, just bought a lead from, so called "lead generating company". So, having in hand a contact info of your potential customer, "a fresh lead" that you've just paid for, you can't wait to make this call. You need to act promptly, make an appointment and provide your client with your estimate. So you're making this phone call hoping to tap into this job asap.  But, all of the sudden, to your surprise the person on the other end is upset with your call and is not willing to do any job at this moment. Or, you're too late, somebody else was already hired before you called. Why? What happened? Maybe the lead wasn't really that "fresh"? Or why in the world would a client be upset with your call? Wasn't it he who submitted a contact form looking for a qualified, licensed contractor?

Yes, it was him (or her) but the lead company has made has done their job too good! - selling the same lead to too many contractors! You've just signed to an internet program that promised you a streams of fresh leads that you need to grow your business. Maybe they even has talked you into buying  leads in bulk as a special one time offer!? Sounded good so you bought it.

What then happened to your potential customer that he is not appreciating your phone call?

Well, here's the truth - the truth most of seasoned contractors already know but some new business startups still need to learn - before you even called the person THE LEAD WAS SOLD to more then 5, many times even more than 10 other contractors!  And many times couple days old leads are being sold again and again at discounted price as aftermarket leads. This is why when you buy a package of leads they aren't worth even a penny.

That's right! And guess what? The poor potential customer is receiving 15-20 calls a day from those 10 other contractors who have paid for the leads. Now it's up to them to win the bidding war. What are your chances to get a job? You do the math.

Is this always like this with those internet leads? It doesn't have to be but most 9 of the 10 times contractors end up defeated. At the same time somebody just made about $350 to $550 at the other end by selling just 1 lead to multiple contractors. How do I know that? Well, to tell you the truth I was a bad boy one day. It was before I even started my own painting business. I wasn't sure how the lead generating programs exactly work, so before I decided to spend my hard earned money and sign up to those lead generating programs I've submitted a bogus job to find out if it really works for a consumer! SHAME ON ME!!! But I did it!... What's happened next literally scared me! ............ My phone wouldn't stop ringing for the next 3 days! And it wasn't just 2-3 call a day, it was about 3-4 calls every single hour for 3 days! "WOW!" - I said to myself - "that really works!"

I'm sorry, I didn't know what I'm doing, and I'm sorry for all the confusion I've caused to all guys looking for a real job! Today, 12 years later, and 12 years wiser I'm still trying to cope with this problem. I hear all kinds of stories, read all kinds of complaints from contractors unwisely dumping their hard earn money into this kind of businesses.

Is there any legitimate honest lead generating company out there? I really hope so. But so far I haven't found one. Leads and lists of potential (or completely bogus) buyers are being continually sold everyday from one company to another. You can buy cheaper leads at "aftermarket", leads which are weeks or months old and not worth even a penny. Well, even a 1 day old lead is worth nothing.

At we decided not to sell leads (although it may look like a lucrative business). We just decided to sell an advertising space in more traditional way. We believe in honesty and straight forward communication with our members and customers. Here you get what you pay for. We don't hide your contact info so that a potential customer would be forced to submit a project form, so that then it could be sold.

We don't want to list crappy service providers either. We want you to be proud you've joined us! We are devoted to quality and we hope to work with those who proud themselves of their good work!

We welcome you to join today (for a fracture of what you'd pay somewhere else) and we promise to work hard and bring a lot of exposure to your business! We won't sell you leads, but if there's a real one or two or three we will forward it to you immediately.

And remember!  Eventually only up to 3 businesses of the same trade in one town will be listed. But today we start with listing only ONE!

Hurry up, secure your spot!


Darek Sokol








Contractor! - don't sped your hard earned money on bogus leads! 

Contractor! - don't sped your hard earned money on bogus leads!   

  Join our Team of Quality Professionals

(Number of listing is limited! - Number of benefits NOT!


Read all the reasons why you should join us!

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