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     Recession proof mind - by an artist Darek Sokol


Dear Business Owner!

First, I'd like to point out a few things that occupy my mind lately. One of my close friends and business owner, after spending almost all his savings on marketing this year (in just 3 months he's spent roughly 3 times more then during the entire last year) has come to realization that nothing really works. No orders, no enquiries, no phone calls (except people trying to sell him something :o), not even "a wrong number", nothing...

I'm just wondering how many businesses will survive in the next 1-2 years? How many personal tragedies will change people's lives for a long time? How many stories on "hope and failure" someone could write? Will I grow my optimism and faith or will I give up in the course of slowing down economy? How many of us will be able to continue with optimistic mind the things (businesses and careers) that we've started?

I'm looking for all possible ways to encourage and inspire myself, my friend and others. For more then 2 last years I've been thinking about new ways to market my own services and helping others contractors. Being an artists helps me sometimes to see new creative venues and solutions to the problems that many other people ignore or never are able to see. Quality Professional is my brain child which I was bearing and nurturing for a long time. Today is the day of truth. I'm revealing it to the world.

Traditional marketing is dying today. Yellow Pages? - most of our clients abandoned them. Why? - Because they're not looking just for our phone numbers anymore! They want to know about our businesses before they pick the phone! People today need to trust us at least a bit before they even call.

Does internet marketing work better? I don't know. The only thing I know is that my own listing on and and other similar web sites just disappears among hundreds and thousands of my competitors. Is it worth to invest in this kind of advertisement? I really don't know. One thing I know for sure - if I stay passive and cease looking for solutions to the problem in an active and dynamic ways I will be out of business by the next morning!

Is the fight for best PR (Page Rank) on Google worth our time? Sure it is. But it can be tough and in fact not always that inexpensive. I believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something we all need to use but if we all are doing the same how many of us will still be on the very first pages of Google, Yahoo! and other similar search engines? The first pages can in fact contain only limited number of listings.

Is Service Magic working for you? It's not for me, that's for sure! I don't like to be fooled around and believe that the lead I'm buying from them is sold only to me. If the same lead is sold to 4-8 other local contractors it lowers my chances to get the job significantly. But I still need to pay for the leads. And when I hear that the same leads are being sold the very next day on the aftermarket to another marketing companies it really makes me mad!!! If it's working for you, that's great! It's not working for me. How many other similar internet services has promised you tons of jobs for your membership?

Is Handyman Connection the best solution? Not for me! I don't like when somebody is marking up my price 100% or more. Not good for the end consumer and not good for me.

Do you like constantly posting and reposting your ads on Craigslist? I don't but I'm still doing it. 

To tell you the truth, when I see that all advertising web sites, yellow pages, and other popular sources are so saturated with my competitors' ads, my mind tells me to go somewhere else. Usually I use all my contact lists and word of mouth, but we all know that many times this is also not enough. We need places where there is no crowds of competitors, where our business listing will stand out and will speak louder. We need places in where people see difference, value and prestige. We need to be in those places where more trust is being built. Finally, we need to be in those places where we will not be ripped off right away and where we can get the most value for our hard earned money.

Has Quality Professional a chance to become one of those places? Will customers (homeowners) enjoy and trust this new service? I really hope so!

Is a quality business listing on a clean, easy to navigate, nice looking web site which is available only to quality professionals who are proud of providing the highest possible services the answer we are looking for? You tell me.

My mind tells me that if we eliminate the unnecessary crowd, clear the space around us, our listing will be more visible. This is why we've created "3 PROs System" where only three selected professionals of the same trade in town will have all the leads that are coming from his/her area thru our system. In other words, less competitors - more jobs for best contractors!

Our members will be listed not only on but we will double, triple, and quadruple their presence by listing them on all of our existing and future web sites. For the fracture of what they would pay somewhere else we will continue to elevate their businesses up to the next level. We will encourage and invite homeowners to use our members' services, post reviews and honest ratings and we will keep rewarding them for doing so with our weekly gift cards and cash rewards.

My mind will not stop working till we all get there. Till we all, YOU dear business owner and I will experience the difference between and other "lead generating services". We Care, and we want to help you.  And we want to become like no other, next to none in quality, targeted and personalized marketing, as well as customer service to our members.  

Here at Quality Professional we decided to hire marketing specialists who dare to think and work different than traditional way. We're constantly looking for new, creative and unique ways to generate quality leads. We also want to encourage you to share with us your experiences and ideas on how to market our businesses more effectively in today's tough economy. We are hoping that one day Quality Professional will become a widely recognized and renown community of trusted and recommended professionals who never lower their quality standards.

Today, as we are launching this web site, we are inviting you to become a part of this new community. We promise that you won't become a "lost link" here. We want to hear about your business, about your struggles and successes. Don't hesitate to send us a note.


Darek Sokol    

Quality Professional Team                                                          

P.S. Please, forgive me if you find any typos or stylistic errors in my letter as English is only my second language. I was born and raised in Poland - and proud of it!  Btw. I've noticed that not every American knows where exactly Poland is located. It sits between Germany and Russia, at North it has a long line of Baltic Sea coast (beautiful! - you should come and visit one day; I got some photos for you to view too at and on South it's sharing border with Czech Republic.



Darek Sokol is a Polish artist who paints murals in Colorado.
You can see his work at
He is also a Marketing Director at Quality Professional.

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