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MRF Man Rises From Newsprint to Find Home in Springs. Mild-mannered Jimmy Grimes was an average punchin'-the-clock Joe. He had an average job. He grew up in an average family. He had average parents, and a slightly above average sister, who found herself at UNC on a scholarship for chemistry. All his life he was raised to be nothing special. But Jimmy Grimes had one quirk: collecting. You see, Jimmy was above average in one way. Jimmy was a hoarder. Piles and piles and bags and bags filled all but the tightest of walkways for Jimmy to meander in his 900-square-foot home. Newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, neighborhood cats...Jimmy's average home was filled with a far-above-average amount of stuff. In an overzealous moment of agility, Mittens, Jimmy's cat, made a poor decision. The stack of newspapers dating back to 1993, that Mittens decided to use as a springboard, had grown wobbly after all these years. Jimmy was simply making his way to the bathroom. Jimmy was found two days later by his sister. Dehydrated and buried under back issues of The Gazette, Jimmy awoke to a realization: Jimmy Grimes had been given a second chance. Jimmy swore off hoarding, believing now that all things deserved a second chance. Another life. Things deserved an opportunity to become something bigger than themselves. Jimmy Grimes' belief became his mission. Jimmy Grimes would champion materials recovery. Not as Jimmy Grimes. No, his average life would never do. Jimmy Grimes would become someone bigger than himself. And just like that, MRF Man was born. Finding a home at Bestway Disposal, MRF Man believes in recycling to help the environment and he inspires people in southern Colorado to do the same every day. MRF Open House. On September 29, the MRF opened its doors to the southern Colorado community. Attendees enjoyed pizza, toured the facility and boarded trash and recycling trucks to get a feel for the work we do. Guests also were the first in the community to meet the Pikes Peak region's newest recycling star, MRF Man. MRF Man arrived at the event to spread the word on recycling and a greener planet. Kids posed for pictures and took home MRF Man T-shirts to become recycling heroes of their own at home. Holiday Recycling. It's beginning to look a lot like...the holiday season! And it's never too early to start thinking about holiday recycling. Read through these commonly used holiday items and discover how to make the holiday season a little "greener." Cooking grease: Pouring grease down the drain can hurt local wildlife and wreak havoc on pipes. To avoid all of the above, pour your used oil into an airtight container and let it solidify. Throw away the container in time for the next Bestway Disposal trash pickup to avoid harmful results. Leftover food: According to the EPA, each American throws away an average of 1.3 pounds of food scraps daily and as cooking increases, as it often does during the holidays, so does trash disposal. Consider a compost pile in the backyard and use it to fertilize a budding garden in the spring. Lots of shipping this holiday season? Make sure you remove Styrofoam and other non-recyclable items from your packaging before you recycle your cardboard and paper products. Holiday trees: The City of Colorado Springs offers tree drop-off locations throughout the city each year. Visit to find out more information. Holiday lights: Consider switching to LED lights this season; they use much less energy than traditional lights. Wrapping paper: If you can rip it, we can take it. Recycle all of your wrapping paper this holiday and make all of your gifts a bit greener. Enjoy the holidays and make the new year you take recycling to new heights. Kiemel's Korner Change or fade away - As a 50-year-old locally owned business, Bestway Disposal is well aware that change is part of our business. If not, we become irrelevant. Trash disposal, the foundation of our business, now shares the stage with recycling. As you know, Bestway Disposal opened the area's first Material Recovery Facility, or MRF, in June. This issue of Curbside Courier will introduce you to our newest staff member - MRF Man - a recycling superhero who reminds us that recycling not only does right by the environment but can save you cash, too. Enjoy getting to know MRF Man - he's larger than life and a welcome change to decades of straight trash talk. Touring the MRF from left to right are: Kelly Snyder (wife of Manitou Springs' mayor Marc Snyder), Manitou Springs Councilperson Coreen Toll, Shanti Toll (Coreen's husband) and Alicia Archibald. Meet Up @ The MRF Interested in a sneak peek inside the region's first and only MRF? Contact us today to set up a tour for your business, nonprofit or school group. Fighting Fire With Kindness. This summer, the Colorado Springs community experienced the worst fire in Colorado history. The Waldo Canyon Fire destroyed 346 homes and 18,247 acres of land. Many of our customers were impacted by the fire and we are working closely with them on any loss or damage to pickup containers. Bestway Disposal has also pitched in on several other activities to support victims of the fire, to include: Donating portable restrooms and trash containers for Air Academy cadets' cleanup event. Discounting services to our customers and others who have done cleanups on their own in the fire area. Offering our services to the Colorado Springs Together organization. At Bestway Disposal, we are 100% committed to our customers - they are the cornerstone of our business. Please don't hesitate to contact us.



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